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Using PHP 5’s SPL Autoloading with Code Igniter

Aug 2, 2010 - Elliott Brueggeman
One of the cooler features in PHP 5 is the SPL autoloading capability, which allows dynamic loading of classes without you having to “include” or “require” each specific one.

Drupal Pressflow and Limelight CDN integration

Jul 25, 2010 - Elliott Brueggeman
After quite a few failed attempts the get Limelight origin-pull CDN integration to work with a new Drupal Pressflow 6 site that I’ve been working on, I finally reached the magic combination of Drupal and Apache settings.

Testing Database Replication in the Drupal Pressflow Build (Updated June 26, 2010)

Jun 27, 2010 - Elliott Brueggeman
Pressflow, a high performance version of Drupal, supports master slave setups in its database include files.

Wordpress rel=”next” and Firefox Prefetching

Mar 13, 2010 - Elliott Brueggeman
A few months ago while debugging a Wordpress site and outputting queries into a log, I noticed that queries were getting fired for pages that I wasn’t even looking at.

Easy Ways to Improve Site Performance

Feb 17, 2009 - Elliott Brueggeman
Often as a site grows, its performance degrades sharply. This can happen for many reasons, and is typical for a site that continually undergoes maintenance. As a project ages, the content often grows as well.

Wordpress Upgrades in Locked Down Environments

Jan 14, 2009 - Elliott Brueggeman
Wordpress, the engine that is behind the post you are currently reading, is easy to upgrade with most hosting environments.

Preventing Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection in PHP

Dec 7, 2008 - Elliott Brueggeman
Security is an important part of PHP programming, and PHP provides several tools for securing database queries and HTML display. However, knowing which function to use and when to use it can be somewhat confusing, as there’s many details to pay attention to.

Wordpress Scheduled Posts Issue

Nov 8, 2008 - Elliott Brueggeman
There has been much discussion about a recent bug/issue with Wordpress that prevents scheduled posts from working properly. The problem is somewhat unrelated to Wordpress itself, and is primarily a hosting setup issue. Scheduled posts are published via the use of a cron script.

Easily Parse a String

Oct 25, 2008 - Elliott Brueggeman
I recently came across the need to efficiently parse a string and find what was in between two “marker” strings. I was parsing a logfile with a particular preset format.

PHP Coding Standards

Oct 1, 2008 - Elliott Brueggeman
Those programmers who took computer science classes in C++ or Java and then started looking at popular open source PHP scripts may be surprised that the coding standards are somewhat different from what they are used to.